Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter four

Just in case you missed it: Chapter 3!

Once again Onika was sitting at her desk editing a story for the company's magazine. It was going smoothly. She loved her job. As a pre-teen, magazines and models always fascinated her. She also loved writing and pointing out errors. That's why the job was perfect for her. She always told her parents if editing magazines was an opportunity that passed like a ghost then she would want to become some type of teacher.

The truthful thing is, if there's something that you really want to do, you'd do anything to make that happen. Sometimes it takes more effort than the other but it all pays off one day. An example of that would be how successful and happy she is.

Noticing an incoming call from a familiar number, she lifted one hand off the keyboard and picked up the phone. After starting the conversation, she left the phone to her ears and pressed it onto her shoulders so she could continue writing.



"Hey babe. What's up?" she asked.

"Nothing much right now but I got called for something important at work so I'm going to drop Heaven at my mom's house."

"Oh okay. Well, thanks for telling me."

"No problem. How's your working?"

"Oh, it's going. It's been a good day so far." She sighed. "5 more hours and I'm out of here," she smiled through the other line.

"That's good. I'm going to go now, baby. I hav-"

"Okay. I love you."

"I love you too, bye."


While exiting a conference room from an interview she had just given, Timothy informed her about some calls she had missed. That led her to rush over to both her phones. One of the calls she received on both phones was from Kenneth's mom. What is it that she wanted or needed? 5 hours hadn't passed. More like 3.

She called back hoping that 13 minutes didn't escalate what his mother had been calling for.

"Hey," she said. "I apologize. I was giving an interview. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, hello Onika. I was trying to reach Ken but he won't answer. I know this is bad but there is something urgent I have to take care of and I'm not sure where Heaven would go because I can't take her with me. I feel really bad and I--"

"What? He won't answer?"

"No, it's been going straight to voice mail. Do you know where he went? He didn't tell me exactly."

"He told me he had something to do at work or something. Can you hold on for a moment, please?"


"Thank you."

She put her mother-in-law on hold and tried to call Kenneth herself. The same thing happened; only voice mail. That left her kind of worried.



"You know what; I'll come and pick Heaven up myself. I'll be there as soon as I can. And I'm sorry for time that has already been wasted. See you soon."

Onika hung up the phone and went to locate her boss and tell him she had a situation to deal with. He understood and was okay with her leaving early. She mentally hoped that in 2 hours things wouldn't get hectic at work.

Another day, another dollar. Another day, another problem.

She drove through daylight, pondering upon everything. The feeling she was feeling was something she hated. She hated when one thought processed many others. It made her feel guilty. It made her feel like she had to be caution about every single thing.

Once more Kenneth decides to be irresponsible and self-seeking. She couldn't help but to think about the beginning stage. The strong, smiling, sweet-scented guy that made her laugh all the time. But then again, 7 years, on and off served its predetermined course.

So lately the question that has been magnetic to her brain was, "Is it all worth it?" Is it worth it to keep worrying? Is it worth the tears?

She let go of all the thoughts with a sigh pulling into Sylvia, her mother-in-law's driveway. She could see Sylvia pacing in her living room on the phone. Once Sylvia got a glimpse of her side, out the window, she gathered Heaven's belongings.

"Come Heaven. Mommy is here."

Onika practically ran up to the door, which had been opened for her.

"Mommy! I missed you," Heaven smiled happily giving her mom a hug.

"Look, thanks for watching her. I'm sorry tha-"

"Onika, you have nothing to be sorry about. Kenneth is the sorry one for not picking up his phone. I keep calling but nothing."

"Well, I'll keep trying also. Once you--well that's if you do get a hold of him, you should try having a conversation with him about his family."


"Your son. There is something wrong with him."

"I know," she sighed. "I want you to do you and try not to worry too much about what he does. What's done in the dark will come to the light and he will have to pay the consequences. He's grown and he's going to do what he wants. It's a shame I know, but hey," she shrugged. "What can we do?" She traced her eyes down to her watch. "Excuse me, Onika. I really have to go now. I love you and take care of yourself. Bye nana's sweet baby," she cooed, kissing Heaven's forehead and dismissing herself.

"Okay. Thank you ma."

Onika grabbed Heaven in her arms and went back to her car. The last thing she wanted to do was take her daughter home with her. She planned on getting down to business with Kenneth. Enough is enough. She flipped out her phone and called one of her dearest friends.

"Hey Sierra. Good, you? Oh, that's great! You'll have him for the rest of the night? I was wondering if Heaven can stay with you tonight? I mean since your son is there, they'd have each other, you know what I mean? Great! Thank you so very much, you're the best. Okay sugar, I'll see you soon. Mhm okay bye."


The light sky was now doing a transformation. It was lightly raining and becoming darker by the second.

Onika focused her eyes on the clock while sitting on her living room sofa. It seemed like forever had passed by. Like anyone who had to wait in boredness, she grew frustrated. She had to leave work early because of a discrepancy .The situation shocked her to the bones because it was a first. Never did she have to leave work for something like this.

Over and over she tried to call him but got only voicemail. Maybe she was disrupting him on the job? Or maybe he was just being a jerk? Who knew?

What she did know was she wasn't happy. Why did so many hours pass and still no phone call? Too many things rushed in and out of her mind. She thought the worst of things. A nap is what she wanted to take so when she woke up, he would be right there.

Breathing in and out, she stood to go and look at the window seeing the light flash up on her house. A wave of relieve smacked her in the face. It was him. No, she didn't unlock the door but instead, she went and sat back on the couch.

He opened the door like everything was good. Once the door was locked, he turned to her with guilt written all over his face.

"Hi!" she quavered. "How are you?"

"Um I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm okay just missed you a little." She got up to go to him but got delayed. He also gave her a unique look as to why she was so cheery.

"Sit. I know you want to talk."

"Ooohh okay..." she said giving him a weird look.

"I'm sorry I'm home a little late. The office threw a little party and I stayed."

"Yeah. My friend called me and told you that he saw you with someone in your car..."

"Oh yeah, that was my friend who needed a ride home from work. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. So... how was this little party? What was it for?"

"It was... okay. A worker just got engaged & my boss wanted to do something special."

"Oh... nice. So did you talk to your mom? Is Heaven okay? I was going to call but I can't seem to find my phone and I don't know your mom's number."

"No, I didn't call. I'm sure they're okay."

"Well can you call her, please? I want to just make sure."

"Okay then can you hand me the house phone since its right there?"

"Sure. Where's your phone?"

"It's freakin' dead."

"Oh okay, here you go."

While he slowly dialled the number hoping that his mother wouldn't answer, Onika took her cell phone that was swimming its way down the crack of the couch right beside her and proceeded to dial his phone behind her back.

Kenneth only let it ring once before hanging up and saying she didn't answer. She nodded her head but seconds later, she informed him that there was something lighting in his pocket. When he looked down, he cussed himself so many times in his head. His phone was on silent but he forgot to turn it off.

"I thought your phone was dead? What is that?"

"It looks like someone has your phone because your number is calling me."



"I said I thought your phone was dead?"

"It was dead!"

"You sure?"


"Why are you freaking lying? I'm not crazy. You sat here and..."

"I'm not lying. When I went to use it, it said 'hook to charger.'"

"Oh God," she gasped letting her head rest in her hands. "I'm so stu... I'm just acting a little bitchy because I'm tired. Forgive me?"


"I'm sorry. Hug?"




"Okay then," she yawned. "I'm tired but I missed you." She got up from the couch.

Her arms stretched out to hug onto his chest. She laid her head on his chest and inhaled. "You smell good," she fake grinned. "I don't even know how you smell like this when I've never smelled this soap before. I didn't even know it existed in this house. Did you just buy it?"

"Uh... no."

"Well then how do you smell so good?" she asked letting him go.

"I did take a shower before I left."

"But like I was saying, I've never smelled this soap before and plus, you had a long day. If I could get my soap to smell that strong even after all of a day's labour, wow I'd be shocked!"

"Yeah, maybe scrub a little harder next time you get in the shower. It might work for you."

"Oh, it might work for me? All right, Kenneth. Enough with these games; I know the truth. For one, it's one thing to tell me you're going to drop off Heaven because you had to do something important for work, but it's another thing when your mother is trying to reach you to come and pick her up because she has something to do."


"Excuse me, I'm not finished. Secondly, your phone has been off because I tried to call you and I got voice mail. And the simple fact that your phone is on now lets me know that you--in the past 20 minutes--turned it back on. So you know what happened? I had to leave work early today to go and pick up our daughter and I've been here ever since. Third, my friend did call me and tell me he saw you with someone in your car. That infuriated me and it made me really sad to think that but I know my friend wouldn't lie about something like that. Would you like to tell me who that was?"

"I already told you."

"No Kenneth, that was before you were yapping lies. I want the truth now."

"My answer remains the same."

"Okay," she said throwing it off. "Fourth, I know damn well that the soap you have on now didn't last the whole day. Especially smelling like that! I want to know where this soap is and when and where you took this shower."

"I took a shower this morning."

"You know what... okay. Continue to lie but you know what bewilders me? Your daughter... your 2 year old daughter was waiting for you. Do you not feel any guilt with that or are you just too selfish?" she said lowly being choked up

"Yeah, I'm so sorry about that. It was just spear of the moment. Where is she at?!"

"So a spur of the moment turned into how many hours?" she questioned pointing at the clock. "You really forgot about your daughter? That's puzzling to me."

"I didn't forget about her. I figured she'd be good with my mom. What the hell did my mom have to do that was so important?"

"Kenneth, what the hell did YOU have to do that was so important? Heaven was your responsibility. Don't try to pond this on your mother because she had more important things to do than you!"

"When I have worked to take care of, that's important."

"Where were you?"

"Did I not just say I had work to take care of?"

"Well I don't know what you consider work. So tell me what work is."

"Work is physical, hard labour. I did a lot of work today and I'm tired so if you excuse me, I'm going to go and talk to my daughter and lie myself down to sleep."

"Good luck with that."

"What do you mean?"

"Heaven isn't here. You don't deserve to see her after what you've done yet again. Why do you keep putting me through this? I'm your wife and you can't even tell me what you were doing."

"I was working."

"I'm not understanding why you're lying. I KNOW YOU'RE LYING! It's a fact! Can you be a man, husband or father about it, please? Why is it that your mother and I called a thousand times and you couldn't pick up the phone? You're not going to sit here and tell me that you couldn't take 60 seconds out of whatever you were doing to pick up your cell. What's the point of having one if you're not going to use it? Where were you? I'm not going to ask again. Just tell me the truth."

"You seriously want the truth? Because I'm tired and I need some sleep. Your little hollering or whatever is giving me a headache. My hormones got a little crazy because I was turned on and I couldn't control it."

"Hold on, wait. Let me comprehend this right. I'm at work, your daughter is at your mom's house waiting to be picked up and you were smashing some girl? Am I off or is that accurate? You put some random minx before your daughter?" she said,punching him in the chest and  hurt at the fact that she had to admit that her husband was with someone else. She didn't look at him the same. His skin was now dirty and could never be cleaned of his lust.

"Well I mean," he shrugged. "It just is what it is I guess."

"You can't be serious right now. I find that beyond pathetic. Why when I needed your affection, you didn't show me any? You wait 'til the office wants add more and more work and stress on me. Did I go out and screw the first guy I saw? No. I come home every night tired from work and you think that excuse is going to cut it? What the fuck do you do, huh? Tell lies all your life?"

"Well what would you do if you needed some and you kept getting turned down?"

"Cater to your wife sometimes, Kenneth. Massage my back and my feet. Leave trails of kisses on my neck. Rub up and down my shoulders. Where's the romance? You don't know how to be romantic? I can't be the general all the fucking time! You need to try and stop being a punk loser. Make me want you. Get aggressive, Kenneth. But no, you all of a sudden don't know any of these things. You don't know how to catch your wife's attention."

"No, no, no I don't want to hear that shit. I'm the only person that needs to be catered to. I'm the man."

"She was right," she mumbled to herself. "I work harder than you, Kenneth," she finally admitted shaking her head up and down. "If you aren't tired and worn out, you don't do shit. I'm fucking tired, okay? I'm sorry screwing you isn't on my to do list every single fucking day, six times a day. You should be more considerate of what I go through. I've always made up to you when I turned down from you. You're just to dumb, blind and selfish to see that. I'm so tired of your maltreatment simply because making sure we have a roof over our head and making sure we have what we need are necessities. I wouldn't even be working. I'd be here most of the times, but I'm not! I have my baby who depends on me. You know I waited up all night for you, went into work late and on top of all of that I had to get off early. This is all your fault, Kenneth."

"What are you trying to say? You're the one who has an issue not working and if I'm not working, it's a big deal. That's on you."

"And you know something else?" she continues. "If my mom were here, you'd be in a choke hold right now. I can't even believe you."

"If you don't mind, I'm kind of sleepy..."

"So you're okay with hurting me, Kenneth? I feel like you're taking advantage of me for some weird reason. You'd rather go out and sleep around than try to fix our situation. I'm so faithful to you and this is how you repay me. It's obvious you don't care about me or your daughter. You are such a dickhead loser. I can't stand you anymore!"


"No, Kenneth; there's no Onika," she cried stronger. "I have feelings and you've poured so much fuel on my heart in which you have no guilt at all. You've bruised me so bad with your actions. I'm hurt."

"Onika, stop! I'm sor-"

"No, you're not sorry because you wouldn't continue to disrespect me if you were."

"Look, I'm exhausted."

"Great! You can go upstairs and get all of your stuff. I don't want you here tonight or any other night. I am so tired of the way that you've been treating me. I don't deserve this at all," she snarled heading towards the dining room. "Oh," she paused then chuckled. "I almost forgot. Here's your 6.5K. We're done," she said taking the ring off and throwing it at his head. "I can't and I won't put up with this anymore."

Never in a hundred years would she have thought that this very day she would have to go throw something so heart breaking and even being in the situation itself. She cried oceans thinking about her daughter. She's too young and won't understand the concept of everything. She's going to ask a million questions, but how would they be answered? Who would be the one to answer them?

This was the end of her marriage. No more Ken and Onika. When one person ruins something, everything is ruined.

The hurt deepened. Onika couldn't get over how badly this would affect her daughter. She just couldn't fathom having to commensurate everything at a time like this. For many hours she tried to figure out what she did. There wasn't a good explanation though that entered her mind. And for hours, Kenneth stayed in the living room and enjoyed the TV, but why when she told him to go? And why after he claimed to be so fatigued?

By then it started to shower and her own personal shower she cried for a long time had finally ceased. She needed someone. She needed someone who she was she close to. Someone... like her mother. Her and her mom remained close even living in two different states. It was hard at first to cope with that but then she got over it. Now being in a tough situation, she was forced to face the hardship again.

She dialled up her mother's number, biting on her lip.

"Hello Onika. Long time no speak. How are you?"

There was killing silence for a moment.

"Hey mom."

"Onika, have you been crying?! WHAT'S wrong??"

"Mom... he cheated on me."



"Wait, do you know for sure?"

"Yes mom, I have all the evidence."

"Tell me, tell me."

"Well yesterday he was talking to this girl I work with--a girl I can't stand, and um he dropped Heaven off at his mom's house and never went to pick her up. He came home late smelling like soap that he doesn't even have and my friend called to inform me that someone was in his car. He lied. He lied."

"That son of a b... you know what.”


"No! There's no mom. Onika, I'm so sorry. Like seriously. I'm not happy. I'm sorry for acting this way--Wait, what is that noise? Is he there?" she asked worried raising her voice showing anger at the same time.

"It's thundering outside," she wept.

Her mom stopped for a second. "The perfect reason why you should stop crying."


"You don't need to cry if the Angels' are crying for you. You don't need this," she said in a serious tone, bringing down her anger.

A bag of seconds went passed as she thought about that comment. Her mom was right. "Mom... its jus... it's just I can't understand why. Am I asking for too much?"

"Well, everything happens for a reason. You can't just waste your life trying to put puzzle pieces together when some of your pieces are missing. You might not ever find the pieces on your own. Let it come to you."

She sighed. "I can't do that, mom. I have a 2 year old."

"You and Kenneth are going to have to talk anyway for the sake of Heaven. It's going to happen eventually."

"I don't want to."

"And that right there is something you have to put aside. Does he want to be over too?"

"Mom," she began to cry a little harder after a moment of thinking, "He didn't have anything to say! Nothing! Can you believe that?! I don't care what he wants but I don't want to be with him anymore. I've been putting up with too much from him. And I don't know why he's still here when I asked him to leave."

"He hasn't said anything since?"

Just as she said that, he came in.

"No, he just came in..."

"What?" he turned around.

"I'm not talking to you," she responded sniffling.

"But you're talking about me?" He leaped over to her pulling her off the bed by her wrist.

"What are you doing?"

"ONIKA!" her mother yelled through the line.

"You have something to say, you say it to my face," he said.

"Stop! You are hurting my wrist!"

"I'm not hurting you!"

"Yes you are. Let loose!"

Slowly he let loose of her wrist and continued to stare in her eyes. She punched him again right under his rib cage.

"Don't EVER touch me again like that! You are out of your monkey ass mind! Why are you still here anyway?!" she questioned screaming, looking ahead in the closet. "I asked you to leave. Get your stuff and go."

"Where's my daughter?"

"Obviously not here. Get your belongings, Kenneth."

"Okay, cool. I'll leave but I'll be back tomorrow to see my daughter."

"Just get the fuck out!" she yelled one last time.

Her emotions attacked her. So hardly she tried not to say anything, but she couldn't help it.

"You hurt me. I can't even look at you. You think I want Heaven to see you? No" She wiped her eyes again after tearing up again.

"Onika, I will see my daughter. And that will be tomorrow; enough said."

She went over and picked up her phone and told her mother she would call her back. After getting her to finally close her mouth and hang up the phone, Onika wandered around. She wasn't about to stand in the pit of anger and lies.

He finally got all of his stuff and began to exit the house. Not only did Kenneth cheat on Onika, but he cheated himself.

Long after streaming out her eyes, she lies there in a foetal manner while her head press against a fluff pillow. Having cried for so long, her body tensed up. Her cherry red and puffy eyes stare to the sumptuous, earthy brown drapes. Many see curtains as a source of privacy or simply a blockage of light but her view brought a memory.

There was a day when Kenneth came home cracking jokes while she had been up level. He was missing her so he wanted to do anything to keep that smile on her face for the rest of the night. He went over and hugged her from the front causing fire blazed red blush marks on her cheeks. Then he tried to place her on the bed with him on top but she didn't want to. It was bad enough she couldn't stop laughing but she figured, why not cause something quickly? So as he was trying to place her on the mattress she took both her feet to tug at the bottom of the drapes, knocking them down. "Oops," she said giggling while he turned around in awe. As he bent over to pick up the drapes, she kicked him in the butt and ran off.

She stopped smiling and got up from her bed to wet her cold compress she had been using for her face. When entering her room again, her phone wouldn't stop buzzing. She raced over and picked it up.


"Girl, what happened?" Shana asked in all seriousness.


"Why did playboy come over to my house throwing accusations at me and thinking he was just going to barge in my house?" she asked after hearing her friend’s stuffed voice.

Onika stood up straighter. "WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Why?"

"He said, 'I know you have my daughter here and she needs to come out now. I'm not leaving here without her.'"

"Shana, I am so sorry. Tonight we were on different terms and I told him I wanted a divorce."

"Girl, what?!"

"Yeah," she said softly. "That's why I didn't call you to watch Heaven. I knew that wasn't a smart thing to do."

"Now I'm pissed because I was this close to getting my bat and beating his chicken legs! Now that I know what happened, that makes me so mad, Onika. Who the hell does he think he is? No one does that to my friend, I swear. If I see his ass, I swear it's a done deal."

"I know. I wanted to slap him so many times but you know I'm against animal abuse."

"HA! Do you need me to come over? Are you okay?"

"No, I'm okay thank you."



"Okay. So where is Heaven?"

"She's at Sierra's house. I knew 'lil' Tommy would be there so everything worked out. She'll probably stay there for a while longer because Kenneth says he's gonna come back tomorrow to see her. I don't think so."

"Wow. I can't believe this."

"I'll be okay Shana but I have a headache so I'll call you back tomorrow or so, okay?"

"All right. I hope you feel better. Let me know if that bastard comes back. My ass may very well just show up there tomorrow. But anyway, get some rest."

"Thank you Shana, I will. I love you and thanks for everything."

"I love you too. Bye."

Her bedroom was chilly and quiet. She laid back down, getting under the covers and letting her damp cloth rest over her eyes. She diluted her mind into thinking that everything would work out on its own terms but she would never know if she didn't stay calm and patient. It was totally necessary to take it a day at a time. Her mom was right and she knew this.

It was now passed 12 midnight and she just knew she would have a difficult time sleeping, but only to her surprise, her thoughts were put away and she dreamed lifelessly.


Today was the day that Aubrey went back to work. The year was up and he now had a full schedule of auditions. It was 7:30 am and Kitziah was eating her breakfast that she so happily prepared earlier.

As always Kitziah was miles away on her phone.

-Omgsh, Kenneth why did you tell her?

-Because I love you and I'm tired of hiding it.

- Did you tell who you were having an affair with?

Kitziah wondered this because she still had to work with the woman.

-No she didn't ask

-Where are you now?

-Our usual spot…

-Oh… Call me in an hour.


-Love you ken

-Love you too kitz

With that sent Kitziah finished her breakfast after she set her phone down on the breakfast table.

"Good Morning Kitz," Aubrey kissed his wife's cheek with his freshly shaved face.

"You're in a good mood" She commented.

"Well, work starts again today; a year is up"

"Oh." Kitziah went to get Aubrey plate and orange juice, setting them both down in front of him.

"Thank you." Kitziah nodded and sat down next to him at the breakfast table.

"Who you texting?" She asked with curiosity.

"Noah, he is telling me my schedule for this week."

"Oh." Kitziah was happy that the years were up. Kitziah liked it when he was working; the responsibility and authority was very attractive.

"Looks like my audition finishes at 11:30, we can spend lunch together?" Aubrey set his phone down.

"Sure, I would love to." She watched him finish his breakfast. She really did love this man. She started to kiss on his neck as he ate.

"Someone's a little horny before work" She giggled then jumped when he said 'work.'

"Oh crap, work!" Kitziah grabbed the phone on the table but what she didn't realise was that the phone wasn't hers. "Bye, baby" she said rushing out the door. They had the same phone, iPhone, but Kitziah's case had broken so they were both identical.

"Bye" He chuckled.

It had been days after waiting up all night and Aubrey and Kitziah had been getting along a little better. Kitziah spent more time at home and that made Aubrey feel a little better. They did bicker a lot but her being under his arm with no distractions made him feel better.

After Aubrey ate his food, he put the dishes in the sink and cleared off the table and counters. He had time to do that since he was already dressed. He grabbed his stuff after and went off to the audition.

This being the first time Aubrey had done this in a year, he wanted to be there early. He sat in the waiting room with all the other male actors.

He use this time to reflect on the day's events, even though the day just began. He was very much in shock about this morning with Kitziah actions; she was more affectionate with him. It kind of felt weird but good at the same time. Also he felt her presence there, usually she would be miles away. The old Kitziah was back. Aubrey just couldn't wait for their lunch date this afternoon. He missed his wife.

Aubrey picked up a magazine to pass time. Once he finished reading the magazine front to back, he fingered he would play some games on 'his' phone. He pulled it out of his pocket to find 1 new message. The only thing was there was a lock and he knew he didn't have a lock on his phone. He played around with it and after 5 tries, he got into it. It definitely wasn't his phone but the pin to the phone was a number that was special to both him and Kitziah. Maybe she thought he forgot all about that number or something. His eyes aggrandized after reading 1 new text message:

[Baby, Come to the usual spot tonight, I'm feeling down. I need you. Love you- Kenneth]

"Who the FUCK is Kenneth?" Aubrey exclaimed angrily in a not so loud environment. The whole room looked at him so he looked down at the phone, he thought was his realising it was his wife.

'She most have taken the wrong phone' Aubrey whispered to himself again. "Who the the heck is Kenneth." Aubrey could see himself getting heated. 'She is cheating.' he thought. 'That explains the privacy, random thoughts..." He snapped back into reality hearing his name being called.

"Aubrey Ellis" the assistant called out his name. She smiled as he stood up; she must have recognized him but she frowned when he turn the other direction towards the door. He was so heated this point, local people could see the steam that escaped his ears and nose.

Aubrey was doing 60 on a 30 lane he could honestly say he didn't give a fuck. He just didn't understand how his wife of 2years has been cheating on him. He had been faithful, he treated her right. This is the most hurtful thing that had ever happened to Aubrey and he didn't know how to deal with it.

With an estimate, it might have taken a half an hour at the most to get to Kitziah's job from where he was at. That's one thing that kind of threw him off was the distance from his house to the audition. It didn't matter now. He was heated and could care less if he got a ticket. As a surprise, he got to her job without getting a ticket. He whipped his Mercedes in an underground parking lot. He had a sea of anger shutting his door and going to her job from the basement.

He got off the elevator and went up to the front desk. He just knew he had to calm down a little being in that kind of environment.

A lady was trying to explain to him he would have to wear the visitor tag and wait until she could locate Kitziah. He wouldn't budge. He kept telling her he was Kitziah's husband and it was important.

He finally settled down and sat in the waiting room. No more than 3 minutes, the clerk alerted him he could go up to her office. On his was there, there was an exquisite lady walking passed who smiled politely. Although he was still mad, he calmed down.

"Good morning," Onika said.

"Good morning," he smiled back and continued to Kitziah's office.

He knocked on the door and was alerted to come in. Kitziah had her back to him, reaching in her 3 space drawer located against the side of the wall.

"Baby you're early. I haven't even been here for 3 hours," she started. "Oh well, I will get someone to cover for me."

"There's no need for that," he said taking her phone out his pocket and slamming it on her desk.

She turned around and look at him then down at her desk. "What was that for?"

"You took my phone!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well let me get yours." As she turned from the top drawer and headed over to her purse at her desk, Aubrey looked at her in disgust.

"Who's Kenneth?!"


"You heard me, Kitziah. Who the hell is Kenneth?"

"Lower your voice, Aubrey. You are in my office; not at a concert."

"I don't give a fuck!" he yelled. "Who is Kenneth? He's right here in your messages and shit."

"How did you get in my phone, anyway?! Huh?!"

"Kitziah... I'm going to ask you one more fucking time. Who is Kenneth?"

"He's my friend! I DON'T think it's okay or fair that you took my phone, broke into it and looked through my stuff, Aubrey. I'm pretty sure you've got some things on this thing too," she argued pulling out his phone.

He smiled. "Oh you can go ahead and look because I don't have a lock on my phone. I can show you what faithful looks like."

Her body began to shake as she bit on her bottom lip. "Aubrey..." she started.

But then somehow trying to listen to her defense pissed him off again. "Kitziah, I advise you to come and get your belongings and get out of my house." He has legal rights. Her name isn't anywhere on the papers.


"Nah, don't act all surprised now. How you gon' sit there and fucking play with me? Maybe your ass should have been the one at the audition 'cuz you're a superb actress! Trying to sit up there and act like the perfect wife again when you're out there two-timing. Tuh!"

"But Aubr-"

"I've had enough of your excuses. Real shit, I don't want to hear it anymore so just stop."

"And just where am I going to go?" she tried to quietly ask herself. If she were to go with Kenneth, it wouldn't feel right.

"He wants you at your spot tonight, so pack your shit and stay with that nigga!"

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"And here comes this attitude again. I knew it wouldn't last. I want a divorce," he said grabbing for the door. "Good bye, Kitziah."

He walked out calmly, leaving her door open. One of her peers happen to be on their way to her office. Many people didn't walk passed her office because it was around a corner and all the way in the back. The only other reason was for the room across from hers. Cindy came in after seeing Kitziah's arm folded on her desk and her head in the middle. She immediately came in and sat some files on her desk then skipped over to her. Kitziah was weeping while her feet tapped a tune.

"Kitziah? What's wrong?"

Meanwhile, Aubrey was through. He just wanted to go home. He would even do her a favor by starting to pack some of her stuff. He stopped by the store and picked up some boxes. If he was going to just go home, why not? It would make him feel better when she came to pick them up; she wouldn't be there that long. And he was prepared if she tried to small talk him bout he wasn't going to give in. He got to his house and began to pack.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chapter three

Just in case you missed it: Chapter 2!

By the time Aubrey awoke, the sun had already risen above the mountains. Kitziah had left for work many hours ago leaving him in his deep slumber. She even left a small kiss on his cheek. Just maybe he dreamed in his sleep that he got more than that.

He quickly sat up stretching his bones wanting to reach over and hug onto his wife. Her absence alerted him that he could not do what he wanted to do. Maybe it was for the better? Maybe it was just a deletion of an argument that could have possibly occurred? That's what he thought and that's what got him to not be upset about it. His eyes were squinted reading the clock that read back 2:43. That was the best sleep he had received in a while. A definite advantage of not working would be to sleep in; therefore, he was grateful about that.

But on second thought, he was alone. What did it matter to him? Being alone didn't mean he was going to be bored. So, he slipped from out of his bed and headed straight to the shower. The hotness and steam of the water would do good for his toned, but sore back. It was healing by the day giving him ideas to revenge, but in a playful way as it was received.

After he got out the shower, he went over to check his phone. 3 emails, 1 missed call from his dad and a voice mail. He listened to the voice mail just to make sure it wasn't something urgent and important. He sent a text to his wife and right when he was sending it, someone came knocking on the door. Great. Who was it and why'd they have to come when he was only in a towel? In a flash, he threw on some sweat pants and a beater and rushed downstairs.

On the other side of the front door stood a woman who attired in a tan cap, khaki pants and a blue FedEx shirt. She came about 5'6 feet tall.

"Good afternoon, sir," she said smiling and looking Aubrey up and down. He was still wet and it was clearly visible. "Ellis residence, correct?"

"Correct. And good afternoon to you too."

"Here's your package, sir. Please sign here."

He took the package up under his arm and proceeded to sign the clip.

"Here you go."

When he gave her back the clip, she didn't take it. She froze.

“Oh my gosh I loved you in the bold and the beautiful. I'm a huge fan”

“Thanks I appreciate it,"

She froze again after getting a full view of him.

"Um, hello?" he said waving his hand. "Everything okay down there?"

"Oh I'm so sorry. Is it hot or is it just me?"

"Well I feel fine. Maybe it's just you."

"Or maybe it's you," she let out a grin.

"Excuse me?" he said, face half smiling and half confused.

"Oh nothing," she giggled. "Have a nice day, sir."

He locked the door and he wasted not a second going back in the house and shutting the door. "Effin weirdo," he mumbled to himself while chuckling. He took a second to get a better look at the package. It was for none other than Kitziah. She probably really ordered those shoes she was talking about. "Of course." He twitched his eyes and threw it on the couch, going into the kitchen.

Lunch alone wasn't such a bad thing. That time gave him time to think about whatever and not have to be fired up before he was even finished eating. He made himself a sandwich and ate in silence.

After lunch, he decided to do some laundry. No surprise that cleaning is what he wanted to do because he's been very used to it already. Growing up respecting and following your parents rules, it's only about a half chance that you drop it all when you get older. Not in this case.

He did the laundry, cleaned up the basement and even fixed the sink he noticed was coming unloose. Who could go wrong with this kind of husband?

Much later that day after cleaning, Aubrey chilled back on his couch occasionally picking up his phone to play a game. In reality, he really wanted someone to rub his shoulders but there wasn't too much he could do about that.
He really wasn't expecting anyone but that didn't stop the second knock at the front door. So, he pushed himself up and went over to answer it.

"Mom!" he said shocked giving her a hug. "Come in, come in."

She stepped inside. "I hope you weren't doing anything, but I just wanted to drop in."

"Nope, you're fine. I'm not doing anything. Just been sitting on my hands. How are you doing, ma?" he asked her as she was sitting down.

"I'm doing marvelous but I was just kind of tied up in knots thinking about you. You've been aloof lately."

Mumbling and changing head position, he replied, "I'm not the only one."

"What was that?" she questioned unsure.

"Oh nothing, ma."

"So what's going on?"

"Uh, just chilling...? Is dad okay?"

"Yes, he was just calling to see if we should go out together sometime."

"Yeah I know, but is he okay himself? I didn't call him back yet."

"Yes sweetie, he's fine. You know something?"


"You never told me how your date went..."

Staring at her with a calculating glare, he said, "There was no date."

"Working got in the way, huh?"

"No, mom. She got in the way. I'm sorry to say this, but she's been acting bitchy." He didn't want to show disrespect. 

"Oh wow," she said laughing. "That's a first."

"I know but I didn't feel it was necessary told hold my tongue at the moment. I was trying to be nice, but she was just rude so we didn't go."


He nodded.

"Why do you think this sudden change?"

"I don't know. Her personality's definitely salient. How could a try when she doesn't? It's hard & I don't deal with it."

"Wow Aubrey, that is not good. Seriously, she needs to stop acting so... ratchet."


"Isn't that what they say?"

"Yes," he said dying in laughter. "Where did you learn that?!?"

"Oh never mind that. But really or I'll talk to her myself."

"Wonder how that would go."

"I don't know but if you need me to, seriously, I will."

"Thank you, mom."

"No problem.”...

Irritable and Upset, Kenneth picked up his phone and proceeded to call his wife. He was outside her building waiting for her but she was just taking too long. Heaven, who was in the backseat, also was complaining about how hot it was. Both were getting upset and especially after not receiving a phone call.

After he got no answer on the first call, he raged inside. Two minutes later he tried again. She answered on the fourth ring.

"Hello!" he bellowed.

"Oh hey baby, I'm so sorry. I was just coming to my desk to call you. Stephanie called a meeting at the last minute. I just need 15 more minutes. How about you and Heaven come up here?"

"Gosh, okay, we're on our way."

"And baby..."


"I'm sorry."

She quickly hung up the phone while he smiled a quick smile. He turned around to his daughter who was kicking the side of the door. It was cute because her head was tilted, her sun glasses were glistening and her spirally hair fell to the side as well. She looked like she was filled with a little dullness. He laughed at her.

"Come on, Heaven. We're going in."

"Yay! It's too hot."

"I know, Princess. Who does mommy think she is leaving us out in this heat?" he questioned helping her out the car. She shook her head dramatically with no words.

Kenneth walked, but Heaven skipped to the front of the building. Since she was faster than him, she stood against the wall waiting for him. He grabbed her hand and took her in the building.

They waited for an elevator and after a couple seconds with a ding, it opened. He pressed number 3 and went on. While in the elevator, Heaven took the opportunity to go nuts being that there wasn't anybody else in there with them. She jumped up and down with all her might. She stuck her hands out and let the weight of the elevator drag her around. Her little body slammed into the wall.

She got up laughing at herself.

"You silly girl. Let's go."

They exited the elevator and went off into the waiting room. It wasn't ironic at all at how many magazines laid on the small tables with the lamps. It was only right. He took a seat at the nearest chair and grabbed the company's magazine. As Nicki was the editor of La Mode magazine, they had tons of their magazines lying around.

The many silky pages of the magazine were interesting and perfect. Always it was good to read about gossip, humorous jokes, and etc. It was a 30 page magazine that kept him busy. Heaven sat next to him humming to herself. He laughed at a celeb story that completely scandalous.

He was caught to the side when Heaven got up from her chair pointing to someone and blabbering about something. He set the mag on the chair. When he got up and looked over, his world froze.

"Kenneth?" she said.

"Oh, Kitziah! I didn't know you worked here. Wow!"

"I didn't know you worked here either?" she told him slowly and awkwardly.

"I don't. My wife works here."

"Who is your wife?"

"Onika Cunning."

"I don't know her. Sorry, I mean there a lot of different departments."

"Oh I get it," he smiled. He so badly longed for her but he was pretty much aware of his surroundings. She felt the exact same way.

Meanwhile, Onika had just finished logging off her computer. She was excited about getting off and not having her family wait any longer. She said goodbye to Timothy and the rest of the workers there and headed out to the waiting room. She walked down the hallway with a big grin... until she turned the corner. Her husband was standing there talking to someone she didn't like. What was up with that?

She came and stood behind Kenneth putting her index finger up to her mouth to keep Heaven from screaming. He was confused when Kitziah stopped talking and that made him turn around.

"Oh hey beautiful," he smiled.

She looked at him with her lip in her mouth. Her head dropped down to Heaven. "Let's go wait in the car, Heaven." She put out her hand to Kenneth saying, "Key."

He didn't pull out the key. He turned back around saying "Nice seeing you. Take care. Bye" while mouthing something that no one saw. And then he turned around and tried to grab Onika's hand. She pulled away and walked swiftly in front of him with her daughter's hand swinging with hers, but making sure her daughter didn't catch onto the tense moment.

She was pissed.

When she got to the car, Kenneth was lagging behind. You could see it in her face that she wasn't too happy. And it was even worse how they were waiting against the hot car waiting for him to unlock the door. He did a few seconds later. Onika helped her daughter in and then got in the front seat.

Her seat belt clicked. She was just ready to go home and that's it.

"How was your day?" he asked.

"I have nothing to say to you," she spat back keeping her eyes on the street. Kenneth was looking back and forth at his phone.

[I loved seeing you, but I need you with me same place tonight? –Kitz]

He read it and looked at Onika to see if she could see the text before replying.

[Sure –Ken]


For a few hours after his mother's visit, Aubrey entertained himself with games and TV shows. There was nothing else really that he wanted to do but stay home, relax and enjoy the peace. That wasn't a big deal. Being able to relax in peace was something he hadn't got to do for last few days.

But, what better time than on a break from work to hang out with your buddies. It was even better than he got invited and not to just show up on your own. He got dressed and drove over to his friend's house.

On the drive, he checked his phone just in case while hooking it up in the car to play some music.

Hearing a knock on the door, Aubrey's friend, Chase, opened the door. Beside Chase was his son who obviously wanted to open the door instead. It would have been fun trying to watch him attempt to open the door being that he couldn't reach the door knob.

"Hey, what's up man?" Chase asked splawing up.

"Nothing much. Hey!" Aubrey smiled down at the little boy. "Jesh. I didn't realize how many kids y'all had 'till now," he joked.

"Maaaan, we up here babysitting."

"So I'm here to help?"

"No, of course not," Marcus tried to say with a straight face while Chase laughed.

"Come on man. We have to get you prepared anyway," Chase cackled.

"I miss Caitlin. She needs to come home now," Anthony babbled.

"Oh shut up," Marcus started. "You just want her here to change the diapers. If I can do it. You can do it," he emphasized.

Aubrey took a laugh at the boys being that he & another friend had no kids meaning they didn't have to deal with it. After a few seconds of laughing, he stopped to think. He actually would love to be in their position one day but just knew that it probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"So where is Cait anyway?" Chase curiously asked.

"No telling. She could be at the mall. She could be getting her nails done, or her hair. Who knows," Anthony shrugged.

"Oh you got you a Diva," Marcus said.

"Basically. Where's Mrs. Alinaaaa?"

"She's at home sleep. That's where she's at. I would ask Rocko but Lord knows how many women he has."

"Actually, I just have one."

"Yeah right," Marcus chortled.

"I'm serious. Anyway, where that Kitziah? I be seeing her all the time."

"Excuse me?" Aubrey asked.

"Yeah you know, she works downtown, my friend works downtown."

"Friends,'" Marcus emphasized.

"I don't know where she's at now."

Anthony interrupted by saying, "Man, you could probably locate her at the mall spending all your money. That is where my wife be."

All laughed and the conversations went on.

Riding home was full of heat; literally and figuratively. Kenneth looked over to his wife often seeing the problem. Why was it a bigger deal to her than it was to him?

Upon arriving home, Heaven had fallen asleep in the backseat. It was fun for Onika getting her out and carrying to her bed. The good thing was that Heaven stayed asleep after being laid down. Onika kissed her nose and slowly crept out of her room.

Kenneth was sitting on the living room couch waiting for her. He waited and waited but she never came back down the steps. She was in her room undressing out of her work clothes. He sat still for two more minutes and figured she wasn't going to come back down, so he went up.

Lightly he pushed the door open seeing his wife throw off her earrings out of her ear. He closed the door behind him and strutted over to her. He touched her arm scaring her.

"Don't fuckin' touch me," she yelled silently.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Kenneth, you're up there talking to that bitchy slut! Why were you talking to her anyway? You looked way too fuckin' comfortable. I don't like that girl. And then you had the nerve to tell her to take care?! What the hell?" She knew she probably shouldn't have gotten that mad but she couldn't help it.

"Oh my goodness... Onika, it's not that big of a deal. Why you getting heated? Why people always say they don't like someone and they don't even know them."

"What are you talking about, man?! I talked to her before and I DON'T FUCKIN' LIKE HER," she said getting in his face.

"Are you telling the truth? She said she didn't know you."

"So you believe her over your own wife?! That impudent, floozy told you a blatant lie! She told you that because she knows I don't like her."

"No, I'm just saying maybe it was someone else."

She threw her hands up in the air. "Unless she has an identical twin, that's her!"

"Oh okay..."

"Kenneth, get out my face right now. I can't even believe you'd consider me lying. That hurts. It really does."

"Well I'm sorry baby."

By now, Onika had tears falling on the ground. "How do you know her anyway?" she asked softly wiping knuckle under her eye.

"Look at me," he stated ignoring her. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you didn't like her and I didn't know she's what you described her as. I'm sorry."

"Kenneth, get your shit. You're sleeping on the couch."
He didn't bother to argue because he knew there was no point. And plus he was going to see his mistress. Kenneth knew exactly what he was getting himself into; he is the one that started the secret affair. Then again, Kitziah never objected to it. Kenneth loved his wife; 7 years is no joke and 3 of those years as a married couple.

Sitting on the sofa, he started reminiscing on the life they had before marriage, in high school when they made the year book as 'Couple of the Year: Barbie and Ken', the fun they used to have. Don't get Kenneth wrong, he loved he's daughter so very much; that was his baby. Kitziah was someone new in his life that he planned on keeping around for a long time. As he sat on the sofa waiting for Onika to turn out the light, he texted Kitz:

[Babe you ready for tonight? -Ken]

[Of course, I miss you -Kitz]

[I miss you too. -Ken]

Onika turned off the lights, which was Kenneth's cue to leave. He grabbed his jacket and left.

[See u soon, love you -Ken]

[Love you too. -Kitz]

Once Kenneth arrived at the hotel the infamous couple have they 'sessions' he took a shower scrubbing the smell of Onika off of his skin. When he had finished in the shower, he did his hygiene thing and sprayed on some cologne that Kitz got him out of kindness. Kenneth then took off the one thing that represents Kenneth and Onika's marriage, the ring. He was committing one of the top sins in marriage. Kenneth and Kitziah were unconscious to the consequence that lied ahead of them.

After about 5 minutes of getting dressed, Kitziah came through the suite door and jumped into his hands, wrapping her legs and arms him, pulling him into a long, sinister, forbidden passionate kiss. Kenneth rested his hands on her behind.

"I missed you" Kenneth smiled pulling away.

"Really? How much?" Kitziah asked, curiously, still in his arms.

"I can show you better than I can tell you."

"Oh? Nigga show me what I've missed!" With that said Kenneth threw Kitz on the king size bed. She giggled as he took off her heels and left sweet, sinful kisses from her feet to her inner thigh. He kissed, licked and sucked on her inner making sure not to leave a mark as they both were not ready for the drama. Kenneth made his way to her second pair of lips, he kissed and sucked her below area, holding her left thigh with his right hand and massaging her right breast with his left hand. Until Kitziah reached her peak and came in his mouth. Kenneth's tongue game was definitely on point that one of the reasons Onika married.

He leaned in and kissed her lips that just a moment ago was screaming his name, so she could taste herself. They laid down on the bed returning to recover. Kenneth told Kitz that she had to shower so they could make it to their dinner reservations.

"No nigga you gotta finished what you started" She said pushing his head down to her womanhood.

He chuckled. "Before you get a movie you get a trailer, baby, you gonna have to wait awhile for this movie." He pulled her up, off the bed until she was on her feet. "Now" he smacked her wide ass. "Take a shower"

She mean mugged him. "I hate you"

"Love you too" He kissed her cheek, and then she went into the bathroom giggling.

Hanging out with his boys was fun but Aubrey just wanted to go home. Somehow he just wasn't liking being in the presence of everyone anymore. It was almost as if caught an allergic reaction to them. He was bored there and wanted to be alone again.

On his way home, he figured he'd give his wife a call to see where she was. No answer and no big deal, as of now. He threw his phone on the seat and enjoyed the breeze hitting his face the rest of the way home.

Now he was kind of curious. Something, or everything, was off.

10:26 pm.
The reason he came home early was for Kitziah, but it wasn’t worth it because he couldn’t even locate her. He sat in anger. She went a whole day without texting him back or even calling him up to see if he was okay.

As he laid on his back, he thought of what it would be like if he did something like this. If he were to stay out all night, all hell would rise. But, because it was Kitziah, a different story would occur. Who could seriously keep their spouse worried when all it took was a text message?

10:42 pm.
He tried to ring her cell once again, but no answer. What could she have been doing that was more important than him? Why when he put her first, she put him last? He was fed up.

11:35 pm.
The clock wanted attention and he tried his best to not give the clock his. It was a distraction to keep glancing over at the clock. As the seconds and minutes went by, he felt the urge to do something no one ever would think he would do. That’s the reality when you give your all to someone and they take it for granted.

Selfishness didn’t always occur. This selfishness started no more than two weeks ago and Aubrey had a hard time figuring how someone so sweet can transform into something so sour without a perfect reason for it. It was too much to think about.

                          [Where are you? –Aub]

12:23 am.
‘I shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t care.’ But what kind of person would he be if he didn’t care? That was nowhere near his personality traits. He grew up taught that no matter how bad people treat, don't stoop down to their level. Be the bigger person.

                           [The least you could do is pick up your phone and let me know you’re okay. –Aub]

1:42 am.
This was his attempt to cleaning something that didn't need to be cleaned. Anything rather than sitting would be good.

3:14 am
He wiped his eyes dry. He just couldn’t do it anymore; he needed to sleep. Hopefully all of his worrying would pay off. He slipped into slumber mode, stretched out on the couch.

Kenneth and Kitziah spent a lot of together, not worrying about the outside world. Now it was very early in the morning and they had been in each other's presence ever since.

"I love you so much, but I have to leave," Kitziah said as she read the clock 3:15 am. She started to feel nervous because she knew Aubrey would question her whereabouts.

"Please, just stay this one night."

"Kenneth, you know I can't" Kitziah said, slipping into her heels as she sat at the edge of the hotel bed.

"Kitz just one night, please" He repeated. "I wanna wake up to you in the morning." He kissed her neck, one hand on the sheets they just explore each other bodies on and the other on Kitziah's shoulder. Each kiss made her give in just a little bit more. He didn't stop until she was completely one over. She let Kenneth have his way with her because she knew a moment like this will never come again.

One of the best night ever for Kenneth and Kitziah had just occurred. It was now 4:27am and kitz was feeling a little bit guilty for staying the whole night. Kenneth on the other hand was knocked out, she put him to bed. Kitziah checked her phone, to see if Aubrey even cared. To her surprise she had 33 miss calls and 3 text messages. She always thought he never cared; ever since he quit his acting career, she thought he did that because he didn't care. Little did she know that Aubrey is still very much in love her? Kenneth had blinded her from seeing this.
Kitziah quickly text back with a simple: [I'm fine.]

4:27 am.
After Aubrey was long gone in his sleep, she decided to text back.

[I’m fine. –Kitz.]

8:53 am.
Kitziah made her way in the house. After she shut the front door, she jumped seeing Aubrey’s eyes open while he yawned. He sat up straight and stared at her. She was tired of him looking at her and was about to continue to walk away.

“Kitziah,” he called in a raspy tone. “Come here.”

“Yeah?” she answered, cleared of all fear and nervousness. 

“You didn't come home yesterday, didn't even call me and all you have to say is yeah? That’s really all? I waited up for you not knowing where on Earth you were. You were too selfish and prissy to pick up the phone and let your husband know where you were? Would you care to inform me of that?”

“I had a lot on my mental. I just needed to be alone. It’s early, Aubrey. Can we just go and get some sleep? I'm sorry.”

“No, you're not sorry. And we," he emphasized,  pointing to her and himself with his index finger, "would have gotten some sleep if you would have come home last night like you were supposed any normal person would. Why is it okay for you to do something like this? Granted it was me, all my shit would be burned up right now. Who do you think you are?”

“Just stop your bitchin' okay? It was my fault but I'm here now so just shut up."

“Where were you?”

"At a hotel."

"At a hotel, why? Your home isn't comfortable?"

She sighed in annoyance. "Because I needed to, Aubrey."

"Why can't you just tell me where you went and why you went there?"

"I stayed at the most expensive hotel in town. I needed time to myself."

"Oh so you had to go and spend a thousand dollars at a hotel when you could have come home?"

"It wasn't a thousand, actually."

"Oh so you think this is a joke? What you just put me through is really unacceptable, Kitziah Marie Ellis."

"So what are you going to do? It's nine a.m, babe...just too early for this."

"You're not going to work?"



"Why?" she repeated. "You don't want me here?"

"Do what you want to do. I'm not arguing with you anymore."

"You're so annoying."

"Okay," he said walking passed, slightly pushing her a little to the side to head to the bedroom for sleep.

"I see you cleaned. I should destroy everything you've done, asshole."

He swung around in her face and yelled, "EXCUSE ME? AND I'M THE ANNOYING ONE? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"

"Don't scream at me like you're going to hit me. You won't."

"I REST my case. Good-bye!"

"Aubrey, please. I'm sorry." She put her head down and rubbed her forehead. She had to realize that she was giving him a hard time and he had every right to be upset.

"Oh you're sorry, huh?" he chuckled.

"Yes. Can we please... can we just please sleep?"

"I am going to sleep, Kitziah. I'm tired."

"Okay..." she said following him up the stairs. He slowly walked up the steps, her just tip-toeing. He honestly just wanted to lie down and sleep. Once they got into the room, Aubrey went straight to the bed and Kitziah began removing her light jacket. She let her hair out of the pony tail and sat her bag down on the emerald glass table.

Then she climbed into the bed with him. He was lying on his side facing the wall. That's how he always slept; not that he was purposely not trying to look at her 

Her body became comfortable within a few moments. That's when she reached her hand over his rib cage. Not wanting to be touched, he dissociated her soft hand from off his side. And it was placed there again.
"Stop touching me," he cautioned removing her hand for the final time.

She rolled over on her back and gazed at the ceiling. Now she was feeling more guilty. More desperate for him to let it go. Obviously it wasn't happening then. What he wasn't getting was why couldn't she accept the fact the she did wrong and had to face the consequences of it?

After a modicum of mysterious minutes terminated, she got up from the bed and trailed over to his side. Of course his eyes were closed but there was nothing covering his body except for his clothes. She loved watching him sleep like he liked watching her sleep. Both displayed cuteness.

Although he might have felt a shadow of some sort above him, he hadn't opened his eyes. She leaned down letting an arm slide down his back and kissed his lips, slow and sensual. His eyes shot open like a Jack in the box.
"Come on now," He sassed. "Don't do that."

"I don't understand you right now ..."

"What is there not to understand? Don't touch me. I'm trying to rest."

"No but why won't you touch me? I'm not sexy to you anymore?"

"Kitz, just go. Honestly."

"Answer me." She stroked his arm.

He let out no other words. He closed his eyes and hoped that she'd go. Eventually she did after she kissed his cheek and said, "I love you, baby. Even if you're a little upset."

"Great," he said with sarcasm. He had no more distractions after closing his eyes for the second time.

Kenneth made it home at 9 am after he kissed Kitziah goodbye. He came out of his car, to see Onika's car still in the Drive. He sighed, switching on his phone. Not at all shocked to see 5missed calls and 2 text messages.

The first was at 1:12
[Baby, I hate when we argue. Come to bed.]

The second was at 3:20 Onika cursing him out about where he was and he should not come home. Kenneth sighed once again before opening the door. As soon as he stepped inside the door he saw Onika sitting at the top of the staircase. She just stared at him and he could tell she had been crying. Her face was red and so were her eyes. She hadn't slept. He had forgotten that they had been together for 7years. Onika could never get to bed without talking to him first or without him right by her side.

"Where is Heaven?" Kenneth asked still staring in to her eyes.

"At Shana's. I took her there last night"

Kenneth and Onika became silent again. Kenneth didn't know what to say.

"So you gonna tell me where you were and why your phone was off?" She started tearing up, she didn't want to believe this but it had been on her mind for awhile.
Is he cheating?

"I went to a hotel."


"BECAUSE YOU PUT ME ON THE COUCH" He yelled frustrated at the silence between them.

"Aye, don't you dare yell at me, okay?! You left me by myself!" She raised her voice a little.

"Okay I'm sorry Nika, I am"

"Kenneth this can't happen again, I'm your wife, you can’t leave me" Onika began to cry hysterically. "You can't" She repeated over and over again. Kenneth ran up the stairs and hugged and kissed her. He rubbed her back until she stopped crying.

"I love you Onika, you're my Barbie."

"And you're my Ken. I love you"

For the first time in a month he kissed her lips. She missed his lips; she deepened the kiss as they made their way to the bedroom. She longed for this moment. Kenneth didn't want to disrespect Nika by having sex with her less than 24 hours after Kitziah. So once they reached the room she spoke.

"Can we just sleep in?" she asked; he nodded. "Hold me and don't let go" They faced each other, staring into each other’s eyes in silence until they fell asleep.

Kitziah and Kenneth are very good people. They just fell in love twice. If you fall in love with two people, you pick the second. If you really loved the first person, you wouldn't have fallen for the other. 

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